Keeping your outdoor environment cool and comfortable during hot summer days can be disappointed and electric bill will become more expensive or increase. With the use of our outdoor air coolers we are here to manage your everyday daily tasks and your electricity. Because air coolers are too low in cost in consuming the bill, energy savings, and more convenient to use. Outdoor air coolers, evaporative coolers also known as swamp coolers that can offer an eco-friendly, healthy living and cost-effective alternative to air conditioning systems.

Different Types of Outdoor Air Coolers:

  1. Residential Air Coolers
  2. Industrial Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers utilize simple cooling technology and more powerful enough to lower the temperature that taking a warm air into the swamp cooler where the air passes over moist honeycomb cooling pads for cooling effect. And as the result is to supply a fresh, natural cool air using a water and air circulation.